After the triumphant release of Weighing of Heart last year, her first as Nabihah Iqbal rather than Throwing Shade, this summer sees the Ninja Tune artist travelling the length and breadth of the U.K. and beyond to play live shows and DJ sets.

Iqbal grew up playing piano, flute, and guitar and progressed to attending sweaty punk shows at Camden Underworld when she reached her teens. The singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist went on to study History and Ethnomusicology at London’s School of Oriental Studies, a Masters in South African History, and a law conversion degree, before getting involved in hosting parties and making music as Throwing Shade, whilst on a law placement in South Africa. Since 2013, Iqbal has hosted a bi-monthly show on NTS where she celebrates music from all corners of the globe.

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Fast forward a few years, and Iqbal felt that the Throwing Shade moniker no longer fit, she was growing out of Throwing Shade and into herself. Her merging of dance and pop landscapes remains, with a focus on live instrumentation to bring her ideas to fruition. Weighting of the Heart is the result of slowly evolving recording sessions. Entirely self-directed, Nabihah plays each part on the album herself. Led by bright guitar, tender vocals, and swinging basslines, Iqbal’s debut is the perfect full length for hazy summer afternoons.

Ahead of her performance at this year’s Citadel on Sunday 15th July, Nabihah Iqbal selects five of her favourite summertime records.

This one reminds me of a summer road trip from a few years ago. There were a few of us in the car, driving from London to Manchester and the weather was great. We were having a good time, and this tune stuck in my head from that experience.


This is a great tune for dancing. It reminds me of a DJ set I played at Meredith Music Festival in Australia. It was the biggest crowd I’ve ever DJed in front of, it was so amazing to see thousands of people dancing to this track.


This is my favourite jazz track of all time. It’s a good one to play in the morning, especially in the summer when the day is bright. The title ‘First Light’ says it all.


This is my favourite tune at the moment, I keep listening to it on repeat, really loud. I discovered it this summer, so I feel like this track will have a summery sunshine feeling for me from now on.


This is the best version of this track that you’ll ever hear!


Nabihah Iqbal plays Citadel Festival, Gunnersbury Park on Sunday 15th July 2018.