Crc Music – 26th May

feels like a long time coming in the world of Mt. Wolf. From their debut EP Life Sized Ghosts in 2012, to announcing their split and then eventual reformation, you’d be fair to say there was a point when releasing a debut album just wasn’t on the cards for a band that struck up so much early hype. Yet here we are. Throughout their trajectory as a band one thing has been prevalent, and that is their appetite to push their song-writing and sound to monumental heights.

On Aetherlight, they’ve achieved that in spades. Songs like ‘Bohemia’ & ‘The Electric’ are more ethereal than anything they’ve released before, striving for nothing less than epic. ‘Soteria’ & ‘Dorji’ showcase the band’s ability to produce something tender and considered, yet still create a sense of urgency. The folk roots are still present but are complimented by a deft, electronic touch that harks to Sigur Rós and Bon Iver at times. It feels natural, a groove that they’ve been working towards since day one, which they seem to have reached with a measured and assured confidence in what they’re trying to create.

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Live: Hoxton Hall, 8th June