Gobstopper Records – October 26th

Holding hands, a father and son walk away from the camera in the artwork for Mr. Mitch’s latest EP. The palette is rich, but the colours are blurring. It’s an ode to the strength of his relationship with his father, wavering in the face of him suffering from the rarest form of multiple sclerosis, from which the name of the EP – Primary Progressive – is taken. “Even though you’re here I still miss you”, Mitch sings in pensive cut ‘Show Me’. Inspired by the emotions surrounding his father’s illness, there’s hope, sadness, gratitude and reflection to be found across these five tracks: take the aching strings of opener ‘Restart’ and the melancholic high-pitched vocal loop on ‘Settle’, a sample from Brownstone’s ‘If You Love Me’. With elegant progressions and rumbling basslines, Primary Progressive cements Mr. Mitch’s position as the producer of softly aesthetic grime instrumentals.

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