Mount Kimbie // Live Review

KOKO – November 14th

mount kimbie

It feels odd to address Mount Kimbie as old timers, but tonight, atop a fiercely impressive lineup, it feels less like a gig, simply an excuse to celebrate the flourishing electronic acts that flock to the capital – and, justifiably, the pair have risen to the top.

It is Christopher Dexter Greenspan, better known by his oOoOO guise, whom is trusted with kicking off such a prestigious evening and, despite some minor technical wobbles, he does so with aplomb. Operating a complex slab of knobs and glowing buttons from the floor, Greenspan warbles through a smattering of bass-heavy tracks from debut LP Without Your Love, flanked by grainy images of ageing steam trains and faceless characters puffing on cigarettes.

A sudden, thundering splurge of skull-cracking bass causes shuddering underfoot and Matthew Barnes AKA Forest Swords announces his arrival in typically striking fashion. As Koko groans under the strain of Barnes’ electronic muscles, I, like many others, find myself reveling in the destruction that tracks such as ‘Thor’s Stone’ and ‘The Weight Of Gold’ incite. Suit-clad, he cuts a suitably dapper figure against flickering white light, yet the colossal drones lurching from his laptop are anything but polite.

Mount Kimbie are subjected to a rapturous response from an eager crowd, excited by the crashing of pots and pans that usher in the warm, familiar flutters of ‘Before I Move Off’. Almost immediately, the main floor, even the bursting balcony, are swamped by a writhing mass of bodies, each person contorting limbs in the most elegant, unified manner, framed by brutal and unforgiving strobes. Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, the duo’s most recent LP, thrives in a live capacity, perhaps heightening the bite that some bemoaned was lacking on record. ‘Break Well’ is hypnotic and gloriously euphoric, whereas King Krule, in particularly smoldering voice, shuffles onstage to the murky undertones of ‘You Took Your Time’. It is easily the evening’s highpoint and leaves a teeming KOKO on a sweaty, elated note.

It has often felt like Mount Kimbie are London’s best kept secret; thrilling handfuls of listeners, but never droves of them. Tonight, however, the duo are the toast of the capital, and deservedly so.


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