Monster Rally & Jay Stone – Foreign Pedestrians // Album Review

monsterGold Robot Records – January 27th

Monster Rally is about escapism; cut’n’paste beats creating collaged instrumental tour guides to places far flung from the metropolis you’re hunkered down in. Opener, ‘Lake Merritt’, drops us squarely in this world; laconic tropicality conjuring palm tree vistas silhouetted against perfect sunsets, an insouciant Jay Stone contemplating “sitting, just chilling”, but we don’t stay put long, and it’s the Oakland rapper’s lyrics that swap this revery for city-living realism. Drunk bus drivers, Isley Brothers LPs, Capri Suns and emo kids “who give no fucks” are just some of the touchstones in a world Stone spins with acute social awareness and lightning wit. Ted Feighan’s imagination is on fire, too; especially on ‘Cognac’, where his strutting 70s motif is enriched by Stone’s demand for “vegan donuts”, rivalling even Kanye’s croissant needs.


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