Gold Robot Records – December 15th

It’s been decreed, by those that know better than us, that as soon as one of the more majestic species of whale is on television, doing majestic whale stuff, that Sigur Rós must be wheeled out to soundtrack those descents into unimaginable depths. It works, y’know, and Attenborough’s dulcet tones always match so sweetly.

I’m here today, though, to nominate Monster Rally as the soundtracker extraordinaire for when we get out the drink and onto dry land, for times amidst the vibrancy of rainforest flora and jungle fauna. And Dave can take five in a hammock, these numbers need no narration. Ohio-born crate digger Ted Feighan has been quietly amassing a treasure trove of sun-soaked instrumental hip-hop collages for years now (see the much-adored Coral collection, the exceptional Japan-influenced Sunflower EP and the sparkling collaboration with rapper Jay Stone that formed Foreign Pedestrians), and nobody captures the music-as-escapism concept with more aplomb and transportative pop suss. As we sink deeper into the grey slab of miserablism that forms the London winter Flowering Jungle does everything you want from a Monster Rally album, and more. I can prescribe nothing better for your icy soul than to close your eyes and collapse deep into this realm where songs named ‘Sunny Sloth’ are more languid and sol-kissed than the titular mammal, where no human sound will disturb you for 37 minutes (a ghostly, whistled refrain of ‘Unchained Melody’ on ‘Jungle Cruise’ aside) and you can be part of vivid worlds oceans away without switching on the television, let alone opening the front door onto real life.

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