Mogwai – Rave Tapes // Album Review

mogwaiRock Action – January 20th

Presumably, someone influential once sat Mogwai down and told them: “Find something you’re good at, and stick with it.” For years this worked well, but Rave Tapes, as with 2011’s Hardcore Will Never Die…, fails to break the sonic conventions that once marked them out as such a significant force in the world of post-rock. At its worst, it’s compositionally uninspired and flatly produced, yet when the cinematic Mogwai of Les Revenants shines through in the urgent drumming on ‘Remurdered’ and the superb climax of ‘Deesh’, and when the soft vocals get their outing on ‘Blues Hour’, it’s hard to stay mad at a thing of such beauty.


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Live: Royal Festival Hall – January 24th/25th