Mogwai – Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. // EP Review

mogwaiRock Action – December 1st

Mogwai aren’t a band that put out medicore music. Latest LP RAVE TAPES was a universally praised release that saw commercial as well as critical success; the cherry on top of a subtle, surprising and inventive body of work. Does Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. signal a decline in Mogwai’s powers? Nope. Should you view this material as a reason to be excited for the inevitable (2015-released?) full-length album? Hell yes.

What you get with this EP is 3 all-new tracks and 3 RAVE TAPES remixes. Lead single ‘Teenage Exorcists’ is a move away from the atmospheric into more alt territory, possessing one of the best vocal choruses the band have penned. ‘History Day’ is more typical, recalling their work on the Les Revenants OST. Anticipate eeriness and misty soundscapes. The last of the new material is ‘HMP Shaun William Ryder’ is less oppressive. Thoughtful and bright, John Cummings and Barry Burns get to lay on the licks in an autumnal crescendo harking back to their honed post rock leanings.

All new, all good. The remixes are more of an acquired taste. ‘Remurdered’ is almost unrecognisable under Blanck Mass’s Re-Remurdered remix, all aggravated synths and unrelenting click beats. Elsewhere Pye Corner Audio’s treatment of ‘No Medicine For Regret’ is more forgiving on the source material keeping the sombre tone but interweaving unstable drone waves, wrapping skin on the original tracks’ sometimes-sparse bones.


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