Moaning share five tracks which have influenced their sound ahead of Test Pressing Festival.

Moaning is a post-punk trio comprised of Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson and Andrew MacKelvie. Originally meeting as teenagers while growing up in the San Fernando Valley, immediately developed a kinship through Los Angeles’ local music scene and came together to form Moaning almost a decade later.

But what they might have missed out musically in their years as friends before starting the band, they make up in pure noise on their self-titled debut album, out now via Sub-Pop. Moaning is an abrasive, moody guitar record with a cohesive direction that seems natural after so many years of friendship.

To delve a little deeper into the band’s sound, we asked the trio to share five tracks that have shaped them as musicians. You can catch them live at Test Pressing Festival on 28th April.

Cleaners From Venus – Only A Shadow

I discovered this song when we were writing our record. The guitar, vocal effect, and lyrics inspired me. Just the overall vibe is spot on. (Sean)

Microphones – Glow Pt. 2 

The soft vocals over heavy guitars influenced me early on. All the guitar layering is really special on the recording. I discovered this band in high school and am still a fan. (Sean)

The Cure – A Forest 

This is a classic. The bass line, the synth, the tight drum sounds. This is kind of the ultimate cure song to me. Totally hopeless but really beautiful at the same time. (Pascal)

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

This is the song that got me experimenting with synthesizers. The metronomic synth and the super dark sparse vocals are perfect. For a song from ’77 it feels way ahead of its time. (Pascal)

Arab on Radar – Father, Son, And the Goalie Post 

I found this album 10 years ago, my junior year in high school, and still blast it a few times a week. It definitely inspired the noisier/repetitive structuring side of my playing. Oddly enough, listening to this band is extremely therapeutic for me, even though the majority of people think it’s some of the most unlistenable music ever made. (Andrew)

Moaning play Test Pressing festival on 28th April.