MØ – No Mythologies To Follow // Album Review

MoChess Club // March 10th

Scandinavia is showing no sign of relinquishing its position as the standout purveyor of electro-pop following a miraculous 2013, and perhaps no one is setting the pace more than MØ. The Dane’s anticipated debut record has seemed quite a long time coming but the old cliché is emphatically appropriate.

The twelve tracks embody everything that enticed the blogosphere back in 2012: attitude, passion and a thoroughly empowering knack for melody are at the heart of everything Ørsted does. The handful of songs fans have come to know and love – “Glass” with its festive arpeggiated opening, “Pilgrim”’s brilliant trumpet refrain and the desperate cries of “Waste Of Time” – are joined by equally punchy counterparts as producer/guitarist Ronni Vindahl colours the record with the brooding power of opener “Fire Rides”, a warm calypso hue in “Slow Love” and pure 80s pop perfection in “Don’t Wanna Dance”.

Her eclectic influences – from Spice Girls to Major Lazer – all play their part with the former shining through in the numerous infectious choruses and girl power flavour, and the latter from the beat-heavy production in the likes of Diplo featuring “XXX 88”. There is even a melancholic lovelorn ballad; “I never wanna know the name of your new girlfriend” Ørsted cries early in the piece. Worth the wait indeed.