Chess Club/RCA Victor – October 19th

In the four years since MØ released her debut album, No Mythologies To Follow, the Danish pop hero has become a global star via Major Lazer collab ‘Lean On’ and worked with everyone from Justin Bieber to Charli XCX (featured here on ‘If It’s Over’). It’s the latter’s approach – pop but make it weird – that Karen Marie Ørsted deploys on Forever Neverland. Yes, the record is full of sunny electronic pop (‘Sun In Our Eyes’) and lusty bops (‘I Want You’), but its oddities are where it really shines. On ‘Nostalgia’, Ørsted guides us through the decline of a relationship in spoken-word verses and carnival rhythms. ‘Blur’, meanwhile, combines a ‘Where Is My Mind?’ acoustic strum with vocoder vocals and synthetic blares to make something strangely emotional and delightfully offbeat.

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