Decca – April 3rd

Before you recoil at the prospect of yet another electronic music pioneer stripping back their trademark sound and exploring a new ambient direction, this one’s worth sticking around for. Thanks to MJ Cole’s effortless musicality on the piano, a childhood passion he found himself reconnecting with, there’s a real sincerity (sorry) to ...Madrugada that elevates it above its contemporaries.

Having littered minimal compositions in releases throughout his career, the results across a full album are undeniably powerful. From the swirling electronics that bubble under ‘Reimagination’s dreamy crescendo to ‘Strings For Jodie’ ranking as the album’s emotive high point, there’s no greater privilege as the listener than entering the “mediative state” MJ Cole inhabits when playing. Above all, …Madrugada brings peace in the most trying of times.

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Live: EartH on April 29th