Terrible Records/Interscope Records – November 26th 

Clearing your mind of the bad stuff and living your best life lies at the heart of Premonitions, the debut album of Los Angeles- based Miya Folick; her candid world-view and polished indie-pop sensibilities set to capture the hearts and minds of many. Opener ‘Thingamajig’ clears the mental slate, as a call to take ownership and move forward from one’s past mistakes; ‘Leave the Party’, with its brassy, bold and infectious chorus sets the album’s blissfully cathartic mid-section between pre-release singles ‘Stock Image’ and ‘Stop Talking’ respectively; finally, ‘Baby Girl’, with its dreamy 90s tinge, and ‘What We’ve Made’ pair up for a rapturous conclusion. Ultimately, Premonitions implores you to be happy, loved, and to pay it back in like kindnesses – and is that so much to ask?

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