Minor Science – Second Language // Album Review

Whities – March 20th

Nic Tasker’s label, Whities, is continuously transforming the landscape of electronic music, shapeshifting between dancefloor clangers and emotional ambient sonics from the likes of Avalon Emerson, Leif and Nathan Micay. They’ve also released three leftfield EPS from the British-born, Berlin-based producer, Minor Science, recently issuing his debut, Second Language.

Demonstrating anxious techno that varies in intensity and tempo, it’s intricately packed with modular vocal inflexions and experimental electro: the kind of sounds that wouldn’t feel out of place on a release or showcase from Ilian Tape. The timescale of the record is blissfully built, with melodic intervals, jazzily rhapsodic percussion and maddeningly complex sound design, all pieced together in a release that, once again, shows off Whities’ ability to radicalise dance music.

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