Milky Wimpshake – Encore, Un Effort! // Album Review

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Milky Wimpshake’s wry brand of acerbic, melodic indie-pop has a tendency to attract the kind of misinformed journalistic clichés every band residing under the indie-pop bracket has had to endure at some point, with the twee tag in particular being too often wrongly ascribed to any band with female vocal contributions, ever since the early days of Sarah Records. Yet as much as Pete Dale and Sophie Evans’ accented cadences are a little on the dewy side, Encore, Un Effort! is as aesthetically punk as it is sentimental: politics are at the fore on ‘Le Revolution Politique’ and homophobia is wonderfully berated on ‘Homosexuality Is A Construct’. Still indebted to the unfailing euphony of C86, Encore, Un Effort! is smart, noisy and typically lyrically hilarious.

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Hayley Scott