NYC collective MICHELLE craft sun-kissed, soulful R&B that is at once richly nostalgic with 80s-drenched synths and retro grooves whilst being a fresh sonic ode to the vibrant creativity of their home city. As they share ‘The Bottom’, taken from their self-released debut album Heatwave, we caught up with them to ask some quickfire questions.

On ‘The Bottom’ the six-strong collective distils their genre-blending sounds into a blissful, shimmering slice of pop-fuelled R&B. At points reminiscent of Phoenix, Crumb and The Internet respectively MICHELLE craft something distinctly of their own design with luscious harmonies, funk-infused basslines and lo-fi indie-pop beats. Comprised of Julian Kaufman and Charlie Kilgore on production and arrangement duties, and with Jamee Lockard, Layla Ku, Sofia D’Angelo, and Emma Lee on vocals each of them brings their own unique elements and influences to the mix as evidenced in their rich, varied sound.

Speaking on the track vocalist and lyricist Emma Lee says “the song is an ode to the East river. Whispering worries to my mom by the river, mustering up the courage to dive in without fear – diving into what scares me, or into this loyal body of water”. Check out the track below with a video of them performing the track at Atlantic Records Studio.

Get to know MICHELLE In Short…

Julian – 

things that cheer me up: talking to my friends
If I could see anyone play live: I would see prince

Jamee –

Best venue I’ve ever played: Carnegie Hall
The thing I most love to cook: egg fried rice w veggies

Sofia –

Last photo on my phone:

I think you should listen to: “Be Your Boy” by Medium Build and “Female Energy Pt. 2” by Willow

Emma –

earliest song I remember: Really Rosie by Carole King or Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev
If I could play a gig anywhere it would be: in an accessible underwater venue / the moon

Layla –

Three words to describe our music: breathing, honest, catalytic
Favorite instagram account: @peoplestanding & @janerichsen

Charlie –

thing i most love to cook is: fish curry
Favourite book: pachinko by min jin lee

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