Returning after a five-year hiatus, M(h)aol pack a powerful, gritty punch with ‘Laundries’. With the new single released this week, they share five tracks that have influenced each of them. 

Following on from their only other release (thus far) ‘Clementine’, which features Girl Band’s Dara Kiely, ‘Laundries sees the Irish quintet back in full, urgent force as they distil pertinent rage and discontent into an unrelenting, abrasive furor. Driven by an ominous, pounding beat, growling basslines and Róisín Nic Ghearailt’s unwavering, strident howl, ‘Laundries’ recounts the history of Magdalene Laundries in Ireland and the continued oppressive legacy of this today.

Throughout ‘Laundries’ M(h)oal build an ever-tautening tension, purveying a tangible, bristling raw tenacity, that only lets up for a brief second’s relief just after the two-minute mark before hurtling back into the frenzied sonic abyss of the track. Although this is only their second track, M(h)oal encapsulate more of the authentic, vital radicalism at the core of punk than many post-punk outfits, and they’re fully here to show the posers how it’s done right.

They also have some very great merch with all profits going to UK Black Pride.

Get to know M(h)aol In Five…

Róisín: ABRA- Fruit

ABRA is maybe my favourite artist. In Fruit it’s like she’s recognising the power of a negative narrative but also her power. She’s challenging us to get over it, give in to our true desires and stop paying so much attention to what society says. It’s raw, sensual with an anger and defiance that pulses through it.

Constance Keane: Enya – Ebudae

Realistically her entire discography should be on this list for me. But I’ll settle for Ebudae. I want this song to play every time I walk into a room.

Jamie: Too Tame – Disciple

Two people not knowing how to play their instruments, knowing how they want something to feel and being able to pull it off. I think they managed to play one gig, maybe two, becoming jaded and dissolving to continue their careers as chefs.

Zoe: Ellie O’Neill- Silent Water (capel st)

Ellie has the most ethereal voice I’ve ever laid ears upon. I get the same goosebumps and skin tingles every time I listen to this song.

Sean: Oxbow – 3 O’Clock

This song is like a film noir in a foreign language, vague outline of a sinister plot just about visible.

‘Laundries’ is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Merch available here.