Fusing reggaetón rhythms with gothic ritualism, ethereal pop and distorted vocals, Meth Math evoke an otherworldly hedonism. Having released their surreal, brooding and sultry debut single ‘Perreando y Llorando’ a few weeks ago, we caught up with the Mexican trio to find out about five tracks that have influenced them.

Comprised of vocalist Ángel Ballesteros, and producers error.error (Efrén Coronado) and Bonsai Babies (To Robles) they draw on their love for Mexico’s thriving reggaetón scene whilst twisting and subverting these Latin club rhythms, taking them to new realms. With influences such as The Knife and Aisha Devi tangible in Meth Math’s warped, trippy club experimentalism, the trio encompass and exude an irresistible dynamism that instantly lures you into their darkly enticing world.

Amidst the present burgeoning music scene in Mexico City Meth Math are a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to hear more. From reggaetón to Dragon Ball to Sonic Youth, get to know Meth Math In Five…

Enya – Boadicea

representing our spiritual connections between us and the other dimension which give us inspiration. We admire Enya a lot, also she lives in a castle with a bunch of cats away from the world which is the ultimate goal. We actually have a song called Enya mix in which we combine our favorite songs from the top Enya hits.

Alexis & Fido – 5 Letras

our wish to do a reggaeton song this cool is all we want, the way it keeps surprising you with new sounds and different voices the guys make throughout the song. Also being this tragic in a song haha we love.

Gohan – The Whistling Song

We listen to it from time to time to remind ourselves the beauty of it. Then the waterfall on the background. Also, it’s dragon ball so that’s extra points. Happy whistling makes perfect nostalgia feels.

Liquid Sky – Me and My Rhythm Box

the way it’s performed and sung, scary but cool. She inspired me a lot of who I wanted to be on stage. Like you don’t need to do a lot, or have the craziest dance moves or play the most dramatic instruments to have a strong performance, just be confident of what you’re doing.

Sonic Youth – Little Trouble Girl

When we first got together and started jamming, To and Efren started doing their thing and I was with the microphone and didn’t know what to do or say cause it was the first time I was doing that and just started to sing the lyrics of this song experimenting with the loops and filters. When we finished we knew we wanted to keep doing this.

Meth Math’s debut EP comes out next month on In Real Life.