Bristol-based 21 year old artist Mercy’s Cartel is brand new to the scene but she’s already making waves…

Her debut EP Vibes Cartel snapshots the singer, songwriter and producer after her 2017 hospitalisation and departure from University. New single Feel my Vibe creatively discusses substance abuse, youth culture and how deal with ill mental health. This track was written shortly after Mercy went into hospital after experiencing the hate crime. “I was abusing substances heavily and severely depressed. I started to see myself in icons like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston – I think their lives were beautifully tragic but I didn’t want to end up that way. Bristol’s student youth culture is very problematic. So Feel My Vibe is me trying to stop myself going down a darker route.”

Below Mercy has listed 5 tracks that have inspired her.

Nights – Frank Ocean


I’ve been listening to Frank since I was an angsty 13 year old. Odd Future was my LIFE. This is my favourite song from Frank Ocean’s, Blonde. I love how its in 3 sections and doesn’t follow a typical song structure. It’s 5 minutes long and still manages to be interesting throughout. That’s some major songwriting skills …


Jocelyn Flores – XXX Tentacion

I love the Shiloh Dynasty feature on this track and how XXX’s crooning voice compliments him. The subject matter is dark in nature and speaks about mental health struggle. I listened to a lot of emo-influenced music growing up so this track is basically: #me & #mood.


Lengoma – DJ Sbu ft. Zahara

Solid South African banger. This really got me thinking about how to use influences from the motherland while still maintaining a commercial vibe. The production is sick and Zahara’s tone alone makes this one of my favourite songs – even though I literally have no clue what she’s saying.


Big Fish – Vince Staples

I’m buzzing just thinking about this song and album. The energy is so high but also very dark. I like how Vince hides really witty social commentary in his raps. And the rapidly changing flows are SO on point.


Cash Out – Calvin Harris

My God, I’ve listened to this track so many times and it never fails to make me sing along. Schoolboy Q has really catchy one-liners that are super infectious. My baby DRAM also gives a great vocal performance based on layered backing vocals. Intricate backing vocals are my thing.


Listen – Feel My Vibe – 22nd June 2018