Meet Meryem Aboulouafa. Born in Casablanca, where she still lives, the artist discovered music at a young age through her family. Her father introduced her to rock classics, namely the Beatles, the Stones, and Pink Floyd, as well as to the greats of French music, such as Piaf, Brel, and Brassens. As she pursued music theory and violin lessons at the Conservatory of Music, Meryem, took refuge in writing in order to tame her inner storms. Her debut album Meryem is out today – have a listen and read through our Q&A with her.

Hi Meryem, How are you?

Hi! Thank you for asking! I’m fine and safe with my family in Casablanca.

We love your debut album Meryem – how do you feel now that it’s out?

I feel so many things, I’m very enthusiastic, happy but scared at the same time! I hope that my music will please all the ears and hearts that will come across.

What would you like people to take from the album?

I Honestly I wish they can take anything, except indifference. If it is something
positive, I’ll be more than pleased.

What is your recording process?

I have two recording processes: The first one starts with the topic, I either write the whole poem and then look for the melody that will match, or I write only few sentences that I develop at the same time as the music.

In the second process the melody comes first, I usually discover it by playing on my
guitar or humming some notes that I record on my phone, later on I try finding the
topic that suits the singing/melodic mood.

We read that you’re still based in Casablanca – how is it for a female artist there currently?

As for me, being an artist in Casablanca is fortune. I live in my confort zone, my
hometown. I learn to appreciate better every time I have to work from elsewhere.
The woman I am is also fortunate for being surrounded by encouraging family and
friends. I’m grateful for that.

Which artists are you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to John Lennon’s « Oh My Love », and Sting’s « Frigile” and « A
Thousand Years », Mike Massy’s beautiful album in collaboration with Sary & Ayad
Khalifé, he is also one of my current hits.

What comes next for Meryem Aboulouafa?

I’m getting ready to perform my debut album (looking forward to it), and I’ll start working on my second album. But first, let’s get rid of coronavirus 🙂 and may we all stay safe and healthy.

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