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menace beach

So I guess going to Abbey Road was a pretty weird experience just cause even parking up and walking inside involved loads of tourists outside taking photos as we walked in, cause there was some Beatles re-recording thing going on and they didn’t know who was who. The closest I got to being involved in that was talking to Joss Stone’s mum whilst we both choked down a cig in the freezing feng shui garden thing out the back. She was really nice and I remember thinking that if she were my mum I’d have probably been a pop star whether I had it in me or not. In these kinds of places my anxiety runs wild and I just instantly feel like a little kid, like when you’ve gone into your dad’s work and you’re kind of just in the way. Like Maida Vale Studios, the place is like a sixth form college with doors that you aren’t meant to look in but behind each one is a 30-strong string quartet or Jessie J doing something or other. Abbey Road was also rife with late- 40-yr-old guys with super expensive looking shoes either milling about doing fuck all or walking with purpose down heavily carpeted corridors, all of whom seemed to inexplicably take a shine to Rob, nodding and holding doors open like he was part of the club. He didn’t know why. Shortly after this I apparently pissed on a man’s balls but I still think it‘s impossible. I’d been sat cross-legged, listening to our song getting mastered then I wandered off for a wee and there was a guy in there next to me and my piss just kind of shot out to the right and he massively overreacted and started shouting that I’d pissed on his balls. I dunno how I’d got it on his balls and avoided his actually massive dad-sized dick but apparently I had. After that I walked around a bit more trying to meet Graham Coxon, then got the Megabus back to Leeds.

Ryan Needham



Menace Beach release Ratworld via Memphis Industries, January 19th.

Buy tickets to see them play Sebright Arms on January 29th here.