Memphis Industries – January 20th

Debut album Ratworld found Menace Beach in a storm of grunge and shoegaze, furiously spooling out blasts of noise and lyrical nihilism. Two years on, Lemon Memory takes that attitude and gives it a hearty polish. Liza Violet and Ryan Needham’s second album still packs the same punch, but this time it’s more refined, like a boxer who’s spent hours in the gym instead of scrapping on street corners. Opener ‘Give Blood’ finds Needham sneering “Why’d you always sing about death?” while ‘Suck It Out’ is a playful mix of swaggering, sci-fi-tinged Britpop. Oppositely, ‘Maybe We’ll Drown’ is an exercise in keeping things grounded, a beautifully restrained effort that acts as a dummy to the rest of the album’s thwacking uppercuts.

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Live: Moth Club – February 8th