Memphis Industries – August 31st

There seems to be a kind of electronic renaissance going on in Leeds at the moment, with Menace Beach’s third record following the example of Hookworms’ sure-to-be album of the year contender Microshift. While not as much a departure as MJ and co’s, Black Rainbow Sound, as the name may imply, is more unhinged than previous efforts. Don’t be deceived by the opening post-punk guitar work, this album is synth-heavy and psych-laden; a post-apocalyptic fairground ride of influences with the automaton march of drum machines never far away. Throw in some Broadcast Haha Sound melodies and Jagwar Ma loops though, and you have a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Black Rainbow Sound is Menace Beach’s dystopian vision, and it’s weirdly infectious.

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Live: Oslo on October 25th