Decca – March 27th

For a band who’ve built a reputation for drawing upon diverse influences and sounds, 100% Yes is yet again an incredibly varied listen. Not in an untethered, Mr. Bungle Disco Volante kind of way – everything here maintains a certain cohesion to the band’s beating heart of jazzy tenets and repertoire of bangers. But through an ample touch of creative insanity, you glean the sense that this iteration of Melt Yourself Down has evolved with sufficiently more to say.

The first clue that things are predominantly different with this release lies in the cover art, where an arresting psychedelic image from Alex Garant replaces the pyramid logo that adorned past releases. Evolution, not necessarily adaptation, is here conveying the band’s humanistic strength, positivity and vitality. And that’s something we all need desperately in 2020.

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Live: Lafayette on October 2nd