Big Scary Monsters – February 17th

Meat Wave’s third album almost didn’t see the light of day – not in the form we find it now, at least. Written after frontman Chris Sutter came out of a 12-year relationship, the 24- year-old nearly scrapped the whole thing and started again. Give thanks to the voice in his head that stopped him – The Incessant is a tremendous step up and, without those whispers, its incredibly personal, unforgivingly raw odes to the anxiety, self-loathing and fear Sutter felt in the aftermath would never have been heard. Could we live without the spiralling, convulsing ‘Bad Man’, the brutal-but-brief thwack of ‘Mask’ or opener ‘To Be Swayed”s desperate cries to “burn it down”? If we had to. Would we want to? Absolutely not.

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