With his new track ‘PNE’ out now, Master Peace shares a selection of tracks that have influenced his diverse sound.

Master Peace has an undeniably signature sound; one that intersects indie, grime, pop, R&B, and then some. With each new release, he further showcases his genre-fluid and expansive sonic palette. Yet whilst he continues to bring something fresh and new each time, coursing through all of his music is an innate flair for glorious, shimmering melodies and irresistibly funky grooves tied together by his distinctive, soulful South London-inflected vocals.

Where ‘Regular Feelings’ leant into reggae rhythms, ‘PNE’ soars with buoyant pop and euphoric guitar riffs, exuding a charming, infectious bliss that fully captures that almost invincible feeling and particular joy of being surrounded by your pals at house parties that feel boundless.  “This is that song that plays at the end of a party at uni and everybody sings the hook while hugging one another as the lights turn on,” Peace says of the track. “I know people can’t really go to parties right now, but hopefully this track takes them there mentally and can provide a bit of escapism.”

The second single taken from his upcoming debut EP Love Bites, ‘PNE’ fully provides some welcome euphoric escapism and we can’t wait to hear more from the release.

From Girl In Red to Kadiata get to know Master Peace In Five…

Clairo – Bags

This song influenced me early on in my career, making songs that are very stripped back so you can hear the vulnerability in my voice.  I think Clairo is fire and I would love to get in the studio with her one day… we DM every so often but I haven’t had the balls to hit her up because she’s massive and I’m shook…lol

Girl in Red – I’ll die anyway

I love the simplicity of the sonics and the lyrics relate to my teenage life when I was a little chicken wing. Favourite lyric of the song is “I reach for me but I’m not there, it’s so lonely but I don’t care” because I’ve always been a bit of a loner and I just do my own thing. I actually came across this song by accident and discovered it through an Indie playlist.

Kenny hoopla – how will I rest in peace if I’m buried by a highway 

This song is a feel good indie of the rare kind. You can hear how Kenny’s influenced by Bloc Party in this record of whom I’m also a fan and this has made me to listen to them again.

I’m always looking new artists to work with so I literally just DM’d him and said let’s get in the studio but Covid came around and squashed all plans. He lives in the USA and I was planning my first trip to go over there to hang…

The 1975 – Paris 

Another song that had an influence on me because it really captures the element of nostalgia and reminded me of times in life that I wanna write or sing about. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a massive, huge 1975 fan so technically I love all of their music but this song in particular reminds me of when I went to Paris to play Pitchfork and I hadn’t finished listening to their whole album so on the drive over this was one of the songs that I hadn’t heard yet and I had it on repeat because I liked it so much.

Kadiata – On tap

Sometimes I go through phases where music isn’t that appealing to me and I came across this song and it was like a breath of fresh air… Kadiata actually produced my first single Night Time and it was because of this song I hit him up to get in the studio with him. I loved the production because of how he blended the afro trap with EDM melody sounds.

‘PNE’ is out now.