In front of a full, probably oversold, Shephard’s Bush Empire, Jamaican-American Masego brought his TrapHouseJazz to an excited and anticipating crowd.

His innately good-spirited and carefree nature came across through his set, with his distinctive joy embodied in his music. Using musical elements from three genres, his unique sound had the crowd dancing and singing to every word.

Opening with ‘Tadow’, Masego set the tone for the whole show. Arguably his most popular song, he came on blowing intently into his saxophone, before singing/rapping his catchy melody. Throughout, there was an infectious, youthful zealousness about him, which he permeated to the crowd along with an impressive stage presence.

Donning a silk shirt, he had the swag to match his personality. Masego’s music has an essence as spirited as the gaudy, thrift store brand of shirts he fancies. Accompanied with an excellent band, it was as if Sego was born to be on stage.

His playful nature is evident and well known, but what was more evident was the matureness he showed, which is also obvious through his first full-length album Lady Lady. In between having the crowd hooked on every word and beat, Sego interacted with them through his band. He is maturing into well rounded, accomplished performer.

He showed his raw talent just a few songs in, when he free-styled a beat on his keys, but the highlight was when the lights went on and the crowd started to filter out. Little did we know that he was going to come back on for one last song.

Masego has dubbed his music style TrapHouseJazz but on the evidence of his show, it would be better described as the future of Hip-Hop.