You’ll find Martha Da’Ro singing in the shower each morning, find out more about the Brussels-based artist in our latest In Short…

With Angolan heritage and now based in Belgium, Martha Da’Ro makes music with a warm blend of funk, dream pop, soul, and hip hop, with a distinctive twang to her sugary vocal that makes for a unique sonic palette. You may recognise her from her role in 2015 movie Black, and she’s a former member of rap collective Soul’Art, and now she’s stepping out as a solo artist.

Spanning both French and English, her delicate lyricism conveys an artist with a fiery energy but who is able to look inward, tender, contemplative and introspective. An artist with a finger in multiple pies, Martha Da’Ro is also part of the Visual Poetry collective with friend and fellow creative Yaqine Hamzaoui; together the pair work on all manner of creative outlets together, like design or visuals, such as the video for ‘Summer Blues’ below:

Martha Da’Ro may have only played her first show earlier this year, but the future looks bright. Ahead of her show at Roundhouse Rising on Thursday October 24th where she’ll play alongside Anaïs and HMD, Martha Da’Ro features in our latest In Short.

Three words to describe my music
Free. Poppie. Souly.

The last photo on my phone
It’s me, my mom and my grandmother.

Favourite Instagram account
Frank Ocean @blonded

The best venue I’ve played
My shower feels like a venue in the morning, and I usually give the best concerts in there. Also, Botanique in Brussels, that’s where I played my first gig. 

The earliest song I remember
As Gingas – Encosta na Parede

The worst job I’ve ever had
Selling postcards from door to door.

Favourite food on tour

My favourite word
Ayuwe (a word used in Angola to express great joy and great sadness).

Things that cheer me up
Seeing the joy in people’s eyes when I’m performing.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be
My bucket list is very long, but lately I’ve been thinking about Tokyo a lot. 

I think you should listen to
Miss Angel.

If I could see anyone play live it would be
Frank Ocean.

Martha Da’Ro plays Roundhouse Rising on Thursday October 24th.