Houndstooth – August 24th

While it may only boast a slight eight tracks, The Marquis Of Hawkes still resembles something of a trip and is all the more remarkable for its kaleidoscopic approach. It should come as little surprise; anyone that has followed Mark Hawkins, better known as Marquis Hawkes, will wax lyrical about his genre-spanning live sets and how it’s a tricky skill for recorded output to have the same effect.

Lead single ‘Don’t U’ oozes across crowded dance floors thanks to a sultry, enticing Ursula Rucker vocal and deep cut ‘Sunset’ deserves repeated plays at all-nighters across the land, with ‘Tough Love’ channelling punchy, big room techno in direct contrast to ambient opener ‘Beton Theme’. A rare long player that captures the sheer fearlessness of its creator.

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Live: fabric on October 5th