Maribou State bring their fresh new live performance back to London for the first time in two years and manage to sell out The Roundhouse with their return to stage.

Surrounded by a backdrop of surreal and flickering landscapes, the five-piece band seem at home with the unveiling of their latest masterpiece; Kingdoms in Colour.

Opening with debut album favourite ‘Home’ sets the tone with its ethereal slow-paced grooves, a perfect prelude to the set. Rolling seamlessly into ‘Feel Good’; the second single from ‘Kingdoms in Colour’, with sampled eastern style guitar and pitched vocals from US based funk trio, Khruangbin.

Arguably one of the shining aspects of Maribou State’s productions, is the addition of Holly Walker‘s smouldering and soulful vocals. She enters the stage to substantial applause for ‘Steal’.

Gold confetti showers upon us, and Pedestrian joins the stage for the heart tugging performance of ‘The Clown’, although melancholy in its subject matter it’s beautifully delivered with distorted ambient synths and piano.

Already it’s easy to see how the band has matured and nurtured their unique sound, blending warm atmospheric ambience with funk, R&B and a touch of folk influence. Kingdoms in Colour is unequivocally the album where they have come into their own, and this unfolds before us on stage.

Returning to stage for ‘Nervous Tics’, Holly Walker’s seductive delivery is silky smooth and beautifully compliments the deeper emotion within the track.

“I’m picking up more nervous tics, you’re staying inside, playing dead. So, all this long wave silence. Can we please put it to bed?”

Picking up the momentum with ‘Turnmills’, the first single from the album, an instant hit with haunting synths intertwined with rolling grooves and percussion.

Closing out the encore with the biggest hit from the debut album; ‘Midas’. A set full of all-killer-no-filler bangers. Maribou State are sitting nicely at the peak of the wave, and their wold tour in 2019 is set to push their status even higher.

You can catch Maribou State on tour in 2019 with some dates already sold out, tickets now available; HERE