Mammoth Penguins – Hide And Seek // Album Reviews

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When Sheffield indie pop band Standard Fair disbanded in 2013, there was much consternation amongst fans: with a shambolic aesthetic that was nothing short of perfection, their melodic punk sensibility drew inspiration from the noisier aspects of C86. Singer Emma Kupa’s new venture, Mammoth Penguins, are similarly adept at combining frantic euphony with candid songwriting: rejection, hope, despair and all the usual common grievances of being in your late twenties/early thirties are a persistent theme. Kupa’s wry, literate refrains add bite to the more reflective moments on tracks like the heartfelt ‘We Won’t Go There’. Elsewhere, guitars are typically ramshackle and memorable hooks are aplenty, often sounding like a lost Weezer record with more power in the pop. Ultimately, though, it’s Emma Kupa’s pronounced, emphatic vocals that define this band.

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Live: The Lexington – July 21st