Secretly Canadian – April 6th

Inspired by a love for Caribou’s Swim, the mighty Flying Lotus and Thundercat, Scottish producer Makeness presents his debut album Loud Patterns – a record bursting with contrasting musical ideas and irresistibly catchy rhythms. In a blissful marriage of raw percussion, warped synths and Alexis Taylor-esque pop vocals, Loud Patterns sounds fresh and forward, whilst simultaneously feeling like it just leapt out of 2010 after sharing the stage with Cut Copy and LCD Soundsystem. From the sugary pop harmonies in ‘Who Am I To Follow Love’ to the driving basslines of club banger ‘Rough Moss’, to the warm melodies and squelching acid synths of ‘The Bass Rock’, Loud Patterns is an unpredictable, high energy and joyous listen from beginning to end.

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Live: Corsica Studios on April 12th