104321PNKSLM – May 27th

“I woke up feeling alright because there was milk in the refrigerator” sing Stockholm’s Magic Potion on album opener ‘Milk’, released on the brilliant PNKSLM label. It begins a journey along the Real Estate Ultimate Painting trajectory stopping off at B-town indie and the Ninja Turtles without even breaking a sweat. A slacker record for dreamers, they sing about having too much time on their hands, putting the garbage out (well, nearly) and skateboarding in a way that recalls the best bedroom guitar pop. “The truth is that I’m bored” they confess on ‘Booored’, and you could say that not much happens on Pink Gum. However, just like the longest, laziest of summers, you’d be happy for this one to go on forever.

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Live: The Lock Tavern – June 8th