A paddling pool filled with tomato soup? An alien meets the grinch meets Winnie the Pooh inspired look? All in a day’s work for Madge. With their debut EP released this week, the LA-based artist takes us on a visual trip into their brilliantly bizarre creative cosmos.

Across Ethanol Madge showcases their exhilaratingly eclectic brand of pop. Each track on the EP offers a different side to their bold, warped and colourful sound that effervesces with heady magnetism. Opening title track ‘Ethanol’ oozes sultry attitude with ethereal, distorted vocals and skittering drum and bass inspired beats. Whilst ‘H8R’ is a grunge-fuelled blast coupled with candy-sweet vocals and soaring, euphoric pop melodies. ‘Headshot’ is a huge, booming pop anthem, and closing track ‘Romeo’ is giving us some big Slayyyter and Brooke Candy vibes.

As the intersection of pop and club continues to blur with the likes of 100 Gecs, Charli XCX and so many more fuelling this new pop landscape, Ethanol fully sets Madge out alongside such contemporaries. Filled with wall-to-wall bangers, this whole release is one to blast out loud.

Delve into Madge’s In Photos series below.

How to Madge: A Day in the Life of Ethanol:

1. Get you some morning caffeine. I like to match my straw.

2. Determine proper eye color for the day’s activities. I’m feeling pretty goth these days so I go with mostly black.

3. Hit up your bff Sasha Borax to apply said makeup. The best MUA I know. (She was wearing a mask the whole time except for this moment post-coffee… GUYS! MASKS! OKAY?)

4. Take a minute to appreciate your new face. I could write a whole new album about this picture.

5. Try on new Winnie the Pooh inspired ‘fit. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to get your legs inside. (Please note Tantron’s mask. Again, IMPORTANT.)

6. Recruit Tantron to capture the moment for posterity. I will say, I’m not sure how I feel about this full look. Still undecided.

7. Take a lunch break but decide to use food for something. Put the soup in a pool. Why not? Good idea, Tay. (Taylor Brizendine, body paint artist and soup wrangler.)

8. Carnage. That’s it. That’s the caption.

9. Go for a swim! It IS summer.