Moth Club – 22nd April

In the time since Hannes Norrvide’s debut LP as Lust For Youth, the Danish outfit – now a three piece – have always seemed to demonstrate a shrewd self-awareness when it comes to aesthetic and the narrative around their work. The ongoing battle between light and dark has become central to a project that has transitioned from intense, murky no-wave to the moments of often-uplifting, club-nodding synth pop found on International and new LP Compassion – all of this taking place alongside now-renowned social media profiles, sex, sportswear and MDMA.

When Lust For Youth take to the stage tonight, the initial atmosphere is one of darkness. The glittered ceiling of Moth Club is redundant with the stage bathed in black; Lust For Youth are but shadows. Only when glares of light come from the back of the stage do we really make out silhouettes and of course, the archetypal sway that accompanies Norrvide’s howls. Those lights signal the beginning of an assault of the senses that sees older material given fresh clarity, and standouts from Compassion aired in an environment where they’re most at home.

Remaining in those shadows for the duration, the focus of attention is never on personalities nor sub-plots. Tonight, Lust For Youth’s music alone infects Hackney with their own brand of ecstasy. For all the clichés tied up in the Balearic dream, an early airing of their own Balearic-tinged ‘Better Looking Brother’ sparks a sense of unity that prevails throughout their time on stage. Closer ‘New Boys’ is as fitting as any Lust For Youth sign-off, playing with despair but offering a glimpse of hope. “Feels like you’re falling / But it passes in time / In to a better day”, sings Norrvide – any hope of an encore is unfounded, but in the immediate aftermath their promise of a better day feels all the more real.

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