Photo by Matthew Parri & Esteban Diácono. 

Dead Oceans – June 1st

A project born of mutual appreciation, LUMP is a collaboration between Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay of Tunng, a producer who knows that a voice as expressive and bright as Marling’s will give any partnership a head start. Lindsay’s graceful compositions feature spacious layers of intimate electronica and precise instrumentation – plucked, blown and sequenced – over which Marling’s cynical, often caustic lyrics contend that modern life, at least the tech-driven narcissism of it, is rubbish. This prismatic collection, hard to compartmentalise aside from its consistently catchy melodiousness, peaks with ‘Curse of the Contemporary’, a kind of loungey trip-hop number on which Marling goes full chanteuse to weave a gloriously itinerant vocal that’s both sassy and operatic. It’ll stay in your head for days.


Live: Oslo on 5th and 6th June