101943Mute – May 6th

After WU LYF burned out in a flash of melodrama, no one was really sure what would become of its most recognisable element: Ellery James Roberts and his voice that seems high and low and gravelly and smooth all at once. The answer was a whole lot of nothing for four years, during which Roberts shelved projects for “giving me no joy” – at last, he seems to have found a bit in LUH (which stands for Lost Under Heaven). Not much, mind. There’s still existential hand-wringing to be done and over-the-top lyrics to be sung, but joining forces with Dutch artist girlfriend Ebony Hoorn has lent Roberts a lighter touch, a synthier sound and maybe even something approaching peace.

Buy: LUH – Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing

Live: XOYO – May 31st