Erased Tapes – December 7th

If I said that Lubomyr Melnyk was eight foot tall, with a nine-foot wingspan and several pairs of hands, each with extra fingers, you’d rightly suspect that I was talking out of my arse. Then I’d press ‘play’ on Fallen Trees, his forthcoming release, and you might indulge my exaggeration. Melnyk is one pianist that could outmanoeuvre Nils Frahm in a thumb-wrestling contest.

I reckon he could complete a Rubik’s Cube, peel a tangerine and tie his shoelaces one- handed and simultaneously if the technically-virtuosic five- part title track is anything indicative. ‘Barcarolle’ has intense cinematic beauty. Other tracks carry a more heavy-BPM, EDM-Unplugged feel. It’s excellent austerity music. Divide the album’s price by the number of notes played, and each note is more or less free.

Photo by Alex Kozobolis.

Buy: Lubomyr Melnyk – Fallen Trees

Live: EartH on January 24th