Bella Union – February 10th

Heba is a product of the environment that surrounded its creation. Broad skies, peaceful water, clean architecture framed in blue. Lowly have taken the semblance of Denmark’s pragmatism, expansiveness and sense of cool and soaked their sound in it. ‘Still Life’ moves along natural lines and an intuitive melody. The bass thrum of ‘Deer Eyes’ makes it one of the more tangible tracks among the atmospheric indie, where the edges of tracks like ‘Cait #2’ and ‘No Hands’ bleed into others. Mood and texture are given prominence over pop sensibility, though there are injections of synth sugar. ‘Word’ is instrumentally ambitious, and the juddering ‘Prepare The Lake’ lifts us out Heba’s comforting buzz, but for the most part Lowly are content to sound effortless.

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