Part of South London collective Elevation Meditation, which he formed with Lord Apex, and regular collaborator with the likes of P-Rallel and Lava La Rue, Louis Culture is a prominent emerging voice within the capital’s underground hip-hop scene. With his debut EP Smile Soundsystem out now, we caught up with him to find out five tracks that have influenced him.

Across Smile Soundsystem, Culture’s versatility and prowess shine through as he deftly blends hip-hop, UK garage and 2-step topped off with his inimitable lyrical dexterity. Early single ‘Being Me’ is a club anthem ready and waiting for when we can be out on the dancefloor again as glitchy beats and eerie, woozy production provide platform for Culture to embrace his identity and deliver a self-assured manifesto of sorts whilst addressing those who’ve tried to put him down. Elsewhere soaring, ethereal melodies abound on tracks such as ‘First Date’ and ‘Hanah Says Hi’, whilst ‘Britannia’ sees chilling, skittering instrumentals alongside Culture and Master Peace’s potent verses.

As with the scene that Louis Culture forms part of, his debut EP is founded on collaboration as he enlists friends such as Poppy Billingham, Hanah, Noel McKoy and Master Peace on vocals, along with production from Pullen across the EP. Each track on Smile Soundsystem is a standout, intertwining together to form a prolific work of art that once again sees Culture push his sound to the next level. We already can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Get to know Louis Culture In Five…

RAMP – Come Into Knowledge

Pure Blackness. This song has been my anchor recently, just reminding me of the strength we possses but also the strength of those that fought this fight before us.

Saint Jude – Keep The Light Inside The House

This song is HUGE. Just makes me look forward to going out again. Big London sound.

Lord Apex – Rizla

Bro has a massive catalog of music but this is a personal favourite of mine. Just mad intimate and the beat is beautifully eerie. I think I turned up at his night after this was shot if I remember right.

Aphex Twin – Albert Balsalm

The song unlocks a part of your brain that you didn’t know was there. One of the best compositions ever made.

King Krule – Dum Surfer

Theme song

‘Smile Soundsystem’ is out now.

Photo credit: Jack Cullis