103203Nude Records – July 22nd

There’s a woody resonance to Lou Rhodes fourth album, not only because it was recorded in rural Wiltshire. The clarity of its analogue performance and production enables the listener to picture strings quivering over sound holes, fingers triggering piano hammers, beaters bouncing off skins, bows curling at cellos. The former Lamb vocalist wrote theyesandeye in “a positive frame of mind” and the wistful folk of ‘All The Birds’ and ‘All I Need’ are pretty celebrations of affection. Yet there are spits of anger, too. ‘Sea Organ’ is an environmental battle cry awash with harp rising and falling like waves, while the haunting ‘Them’, about the demonisation of the other, is set to soft martial rhythms and reminds us of humanity’s incessant taste for the tragic, even among all this love.

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