Lou Hayter’s latest single ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ oozes infectious, slinky pop glamour, fully consolidating the DJ, producer, and New Young Pony Club member as a pop diva in her own right. We caught up with Hayter to talk five tracks that have influenced her sound.

Squelching, vibrant synths and sultry, breezy vocals abound on ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ as Hayter’s cosmic, 80s-infused intonations resound with off-kilter, kaleidoscopic effervescence. Fully channeling the energy of power-dressing and striding down a sunlit boulevard, the track struts with alluring potency and charisma.

‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ is taken from Hayter’s upcoming debut LP on Skint Records and is accompanied by an incredibly visually pleasing video directed by Alice Kunisue.

Get to know Lou Hayter In Five…

Slave to the Rhythm – Grace Jones

I think the best way to learn how to make a record is just to listen to how other records are made. So the better stuff you listen to the better your music will sound. There aren’t many records around that can beat Trevor Horn’s productions. This and Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood are a production masterclass.

Sandii – Zoot Kook

This is exactly the kind of weird pop music that I love so I look to it for inspo quite a lot. It’s produced by Haroumi Hosono from Yellow Magic Orchestra who are an endless source of inspiration for me. I love the opening line: “met him in an elevator, cool as a refrigerator”. It’s so dreamy and visual like you’re going into her world.

Fern Kinney – Groove Me

I love the quirkiness of this production. When my new single came out my mate said it reminded him of this and I was chuffed cause it’s exactly the kind of record I want to make. If I’m DJing at a party and need to make a fun atmosphere to warm it up this is always perfect.

Prince – Hot Thing (Extended remix).

Prince is my ultimate inspiration. It’s hard to choose just 1 tune of his but lately ‘Hot Thing’ is the one I listen to most for ideas. Also this is from the ‘Sign O the Times’ album which was the one played the most in my house when I was a little kid so it feels like it’s in my dna.

Frank Ocean – Pink and White

Every now and then a record comes along that blows everyone else out of the water and Frank Ocean did this for me with Blonde and Channel Orange. They were my albums of the last decade by a long way. I always go back to them and my mind is blown every time.

Photo credit: Alice Kunisue