Photo by Matt Lambert.

Tri Angle Records – July 13th

Power corrupts. And on this debut, the Texas-born Berlin DJ – named J’Kerian Morgan – corrupts absolutely with an impressive brand of wild R&B. Using a myriad of stylistic leaps, Power blows from hot afro-futuristic jams to cold Squarepusher- esque hooks. Your prognosis? A woozy disorientation. Take the track ‘Distribution of Care’: an ascending line of swirling strings is unleashed before slowly mutating into a volley of punishing beats. Two tunes later, on ‘Resilience’, Lotic flips them into a hell-bound push hurtling you towards a cavernous and tetchy fate. And somehow, when you least expect it, up pops a crooned oblique verse with heavily treated vocals. But the singing remains just another affront in aid of this audacious sonic assault on the senses. Beware.

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