Los Campesinos! // Live Review

Los Camp

Village Underground – December 7th

The evening’s support act, Trust Fund, kicked off proceedings in very well received fashion; prompting Gareth David of Los Campesinos! to later proclaim that the band is his current favourite. Kind words and fully deserved; an excellent start that confidently set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Los Campesinos! were everything one would expect; demonstrating all the qualities their adoring public come out in force to witness – a concoction of strained vocals, dramatic reenactment and punchy electronics. The Los Campesinos! hardcore, by their very high standards, were subdued during song one (‘Cemetery Gates’); but by the middle of song two (‘By Your Hand’) had taken over the floor, prompting David to politely invite “the lads at the front” to calm down (which, to their credit, they did). The band then emphatically ran through the likes of ‘Hello Sadness’; ‘Romance is Boring’; ‘For Flotsam’; ‘You! Me! Dancing!’; and ‘Avocado, Baby’ – with ‘When Christmas Comes’ from the new Christmas EP thrown in for good measure. By the time the band came to play what was a four song encore, the hardcore were hard to tell from the Los Campesinos! first timers – testament to an abundantly talented six piece, who should continue turning first timers into the hardcore (in around an hour) for many years to come (we hope!).