LIZZO // Live Review

Birthdays – 24th February


Anyone who’s experienced Lizzo’s storming Batches And Cookies single/video will know to expect a whirlwind of jolly tonight. Big of heart and full of combustible excitement, the Minneapolis-bred singer/rapper wastes no time in involving the audience in her good time, brandishing a bottle of tequila and inviting fans to join in taking shots.

“So I was thinking of album titles and I thought ‘hey, no one’s called their album Bangers, wouldn’t that be a great title!'” she quips, referencing the unlikely synchroncity with Miley Cyrus’s recent world-dominating effort. Lizzobangers may not have had the same stratospheric trajectory but live, songs like the wicked Lizzie Borden with its “click! click! boom!” singalong refrain send feverish shockwaves from wall to wall.

The same goes for Paris, an early composition originally left off the album but subsequently picked up by Lena Dunham to feature in her hit HBO vehicle Girls. Its narrative of a small city girl conceiving an elusive, near-unimaginable destination is given a new context as she breathlessly explains she’ll be playing there in two days time (“we are tickled pink”).

Recruiting a semi-willing member of the crowd onto the stage for a surprisingly adept dance-off, Lizzo’s defining quality is that it’s impossible to decide whether you’d prefer her to be your best friend or your leader. That’s the mark of a born pop star if ever there was one.


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