Lizzo – Big GRRRL Small World // Album Review

BGSW Records – December 11th

When Lizzo released ‘Ain’t I’, her second single from Big GRRRL Small World, she described it as “the thesis” for the whole record. As well as setting out what’s on her mind – womanhood, race, equality, strength, friendship, not taking any of your shit – it also serves as a perfect musical microcosm. Coming out all beats blazing, it retreats into a contemplative middle eight of tinkling hotel bar piano and breathy vocals, before heading back into more danceable territory. Everything that makes up the album is right here. The titular bangers of her debut, Lizzobangers, are still here but they’ve matured from angry rants to meticulous takedowns. Sounding both older and bolder, it feels like Lizzo has not only mastered what she’s saying but how she’s saying it too.

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