CocoRosie // Live Review

Oval Space – September 30th


Tonight Oval Space witnessed one hour and thirty minutes of pure magic, as sisters Sierra and Bianca AKA CocoRosie took to the stage in London. Since the release of ‘Tales of a Grasswidow’, the two sisters have been playing relentlessly worldwide. Having them back in here is a pure pleasure, worth the thirty-minute wait in a blustery East London neighborhood.

It may sound a cliché, but spending the night with CocoRosie is, musically speaking, an eye-opening experience, it’s inevitable that afterwards you’ll be forced to reconsider the standards of a great gig. Firstly, let’s face it, they are play beautiful music. Featuring mainly tracks from ‘Tales of a Grass Widow’, CocoRosie disclose a series of revisitations, aiming to push their sound to extremes and creating a masterful clash between digital electronica and vocal intimacy.

Secondly, the journey CocoRosie take the audience through is made of infinite personas and shades. From the heartbreaking start of ‘Child Bride’ to the emotional peak of ‘Harmless Monster’, the enchantment is inescapable. Just like the best fairy tales, we are invited to set aside our own world for a while, and watch an infinite carousel of characters. As the make-up piles up on their faces, and clothes fall down from the hangers, we are more and more aware of bearing witness to the ultimate performance, where emotions and visuals are as vital as the songs themselves.

Only when the lights go down do you realise that there is something somewhat disturbing and deliciously fascinating in the way CocoRosie’s music taps right into people’s heads. Like in a mystical ritual, these two shamans are casting their spell on you, and ask to join them in their dance and all we could do was to dance along.

Buy: CocoRosie – Tales of a Grass Widow