Live Review // Trophy Wife

Trophy WBirthdays – 13/6/13

A few weeks ago, Oxford-based Trophy Wife announced: “we’re going to be turning our attention to making some new music after this, which means we’re going to be putting Trophy Wife to rest. We’ve lived and breathed this band for the last three years and it feels like the right time for us to move on after the release of an album we truly love and are all incredibly proud of.”

We just couldn’t miss the last chance to see these guys live in London.

Bayy were up first, a pretty young, Brighton four-piece. This indie outfit has been praised more than once for its sun-dappled reverberant chillwave, however, on stage it proves to be more than seaside-pop, adding a good dose of fuzz to the echo-laden riffs. Its roots are in the crunching grunge pop anthems, whilst still drawing from the wave (pun intended) of Real Estate and Spectrals. The relentless riff and cacophony vocals make them far more interesting than the average indie-pop act.

Motherhood is…a character. The Oxford artist stands alone on stage, with only his instruments. Dark pop is spiced up with hip-hop, electronic and falsetto. Catchy and slightly dingy at times (“Taylor Mountains”), the electro backbeat can be nevertheless captivating, thanks to its dark funky rhythmic insistence (“Heat Within Mourning”). The use of backing and delayed vocal samples almost deceive us into thinking that there is not just one man playing in front of the audience.

It is time for favourite Oxford funk-trance hybrid band: Trophy Wife opened its set with the new track “Liquid Cocaine”, a powerful blend of plucked guitar riffs and Friendly Fire-lite oddball electro numbers. The song is more full-bodied than the studio version, and the electric core is bolder than ever. The synth-pop could be contaminated by sharp guitar and pattering drums, or sprinkled with oriental sounds and sci-fi ambience. Although vocals were overwhelmed by this rich tapestry, it still felt deliberate, as to emphasise on the cloudy reverberation and shimmering elegance.

Once again, the encore was a second round of “Liquid Cocaine” – and despite its earlier appearance the crowd’s passion and interest remained ignited, and it seemed only the perfect way to finish off such a prominent show.

Pay what you would like to download their album here.

Fab Giovanetti