Live Review // Sin Fang & Pascal Pinon

Photo by Howard Melnyczuk
Photo by Howard Melnyczuk

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen – 29/5/13

Photo by Howard Melnyczuk

Back after a successful show at Ja Ja Ja in March, Pascal Pinon have been raising a few eyebrows with their uniquely bleak folktronica, especially after the success of their recent debut album ‘Twosomeness’. Combining perfect harmonies and sparse beauty, there wasn’t a single weak moment throughout their all-too-short 30 minute performance. Ethereal ‘Ekki Vanmeta’ was as enchanting as ever and fan favourite, ‘When I Can’t Sleep’, was a mournfully charming reminder of the ridiculously high standard of music coming out of Iceland at the moment.

Already baying for Sin Fang’s most recent single before the band had even mounted the stage, the fervour of the crowd is hardly surprising given that, after six studio releases over half a decade, this is the Icelandic quintet’s debut UK show. To the dismay of some, though certainly not to everyone, the set is liberally furnished with tracks spanning the breadth of the earlier years, leaving patient smiles on the faces of an audience possibly mostly here on the strength of recent album ‘Flowers’. However, and although a little awkward when translated live, ‘Young Boys’ is a masterpiece of lo-fi indie, and whilst the technical difficulties which plague ‘What’s Wrong With Your Eyes’ make for a slightly disappointing finale, it doesn’t detract at all from an inspiring evening.

Sam Betts