Live Review // On An On

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Photo by Merlin Jobst
On An On
Birthdays // February 14th


It makes sense for a band, especially having just crossed the Atlantic, to take a few songs to really get into the rhythm of their set. That said, however, if you choose to play what is arguably your best, most popular, track first, it is going to lose considerable impact. By the time they hit third song ‘American Dream’, though, you start to feel how affecting and intricate On An On’s music has the potential to be live.When the sound is momentarily stripped back the vocals and harmonies have some space to shine through, however it still captures so little of the beautiful dynamics within their record, while the incredible amount of pedals the band have between them is maybe testament to the fact they need to adhere closer to a less-can-sometimes-be-more policy. Towards the end, On An On settle into their element with tracks that are genuinely great, including a refreshing take on Hot Chip’s ‘Boy From School’. We can only hope when they return later this year their live set will have flourished into something more worthy of their stunning record.
Jess Partridge